Bogusch Jewelers and McLymont Drug Store, 1st and Oak St.
Below, the interior of the McLymont Drug
Photo courtesy of Paul Garza
Terrell County Court House, ca 1910, Spanish Colonial Revival style. Imposing and elegant, it still calls to mind a gigantic animal with well toothed maw, ready to grind the scoflaw in the jaws of justice!
GH & SA Rwy / T&NO Depot, ca 1902  Constructed in 1883, it was  one of the first structures in Sanderson.  Eventually became the Sourthern Pacific, and finally, the Union Pacific.  The depot was demolished by the Union Pacific Corporation in October of 2012.
Terrell Hotel, north of the depot, was built in 1902 and dismantled in 1920.  Upper floor housed a ballroom, which was used as the Terrell County Court House until the new one was built in 1905-6.
The Kerr Hotel replaced the Terrell Hotel in 1920.  It was a fine building and was touted to be the best hotel between El Paso and San Antonio.
Sanderson Water Works and Ice House Construction began in 1907 and was enlarged periodically.  The building burned in a spectacular fire in 1929.
Terrell County schools were housed in this modern brick building, which was constructed in 1911.  A new high school was built in 1929-30 and this building served as junior high and elementary until the '60s when separate buildings were built and this facility razed.
Terrell County Court House, ca 1936
This Mediterranean-style  building was built in 1930.  It is thought to be the only Mediterranean-style court house in Texas.  Attempts to restore this building to its 1906 form were deemed too expensive.
Oak St. in Sanderson, Texas, ca 1936
Mansfield Home, 2nd and Mansfield St.
Bult in 1902 by a prominent family, this was probably the most dashing and beautiful of early day homes in Sanderson.  It was moved to another location in the '20s, and burned to the ground in the '30s.
Oak St. in Sanderson, Texas, ca 1947.  Not much change from 1936, just more signs and jaywalkers.  We even had a Piggly  Wiggly and a traffic light in 1947!!
Traffic light
Piggly Wiggly
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