The Terrell County Historical Commission
Amended 11-97
This commission shall be known as the Terrell County Historical Commission
Purpose and Duties
Section 1. The purpose of this organization is education and philanthropic.
Section 2. The duties of this organization shall be for the preservation and restoration of historical buildings, sites, documents and etc. pertaining to the history and development of the county.
Section 3. All money received or spent by this organization can only be applied for the purpose stated in Section 2.
Section 4. If at any time this organization should become inactive, any money in the treasury will revert back to the Terrell County Commissioners' Court.
Section 1. The Commission is composed only of those persons appointed by the Terrell County Commissioners' Court in January of odd numbered years, as stated in the Texas Government Section 318.003.
Section 2. Others desiring to work with the Commission will be associate members with all the privileges except that of holding office and voting.
Section 1. There shall be a chairman, vice-chairman, corresponding secretary, recording secretary and treasurer.
Section 2. These officers shall be the Executive Committee.
Section 3. These officers shall serve for the two-year period of their appointment.  If re-appointed, they may again serve in any office to which the membership elects them. Their re-appointment in odd-numbered years requires that they again be elected from the membership.
Section 4. The retiring chairman shall conduct the election of new officers at the January meeting in odd-numbered years. At this meeting nominations shall be form the floor, and the election shall proceed by secret ballot, and a majority of votes shall constitute an election.
Section 5. The newly elected officers shall assume duties at the January meeting immediately after the election.
Section 6. Members serving on an elected county board are not eligible to hold an office or vote in the county historical commission
Duties of Officers
Section 1. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings; call special meetings; fill vacancies occurring in office with the approval of the Executive Board; appoint Standing Committees and Special Committees; uphold the provisions of Texas Government Code Section 318.003 and By-Laws of the Commission; make an annual report each year to the State Commission and the Commissioners' Court in October (in which is included the membership attendance record); and make as many other recommendations as the Commission sees fit. The Chairman shall be ex-officio member of all committees.
Section 2. The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman and, in the absence of the Chairman, shall preform all duties of the office.
Section 3. The Reporting Secretary shall keep in permanent form the minutes of the Commission and of the Executive Board and call the roll of the appointed and associate members at each meeting.
Section 4. The Corresponding Secretary shall attend to all correspondence of the Commission as directed by the Chairman.
Section 5. The Treasurer shall make a monthly report to the commission as directed by the Executive Board and in accordance with the adopted budget, and with two member appointed by the Chairman (one of whom shall be chairman) shall serve on the Finance Committee.
Section 1. The regular meeting, open to the public, shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month except the month of December. The meeting place shall be the Terrell County Library at 7:00 p.m. for November through March and the Terrell Memorial Museum at 7:00 p.m. from April through October, unless changed by the Chairman.
Section 2. Special meetings can be called by the Chairman as necessary and the purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call.
Section 3. Those present shall constitute a quorum.
Section 4. the Chairman and the Commission are encouraged to attend workshops and the Annual Texas Historical Commission meeting.
Section 5. A delegate from the Commission may be elected to attend the annual State meeting.
Duties of the Standing Committees
Section 1.  Historical Presentation Chairman shall perform the duties directed by the State Commission.
Section 2. Historical Markers Chairman shall perform the duties as directed by the State Commission.
Section 3. History Appreciation Chairman shall serve as the Program Chairman and follow the suggested procedures as set forth by the State Commission.
Section 4. Budget and Finance Chairman shall prepare the budget as suggested by the State Commission; present the budget to the Commissioner' Court and the Commission; and attend to matters of financing projects.
Section 5. Publicity Chairman shall give notice of meetings, and prepare articles for news media.
Section 6. Memorials Chairman shall acknowledge and keep a record of memorials.
Section 7. Scrapbook Chairman shall compile a record of Commission activities in a permanent form.
Section 8. Such other chairman, Standing or Special, shall be appointed by the Chairman as deemed necessary to carry out the work of the Commission.
Section 9. Each Chairman shall report at each regular meeting the activities of the Committee. No decision can be made without the vote of the Commission.
Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority.
Section 1. The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of present and voting, provided notice of the proposed amendment had been given at a previous regular meeting.
Section 2. All such proposed amendments shall submitted in writing, signed by two member.
It is the stated goal of the Terrell County Historical Commission to preserve, restore and utilize the historic past of Terrell County.  Toward this goal objects originating (having been found or used) in Terrell County exemplifying our vast heritage are collected for preservation in the Terrell County Memorial Museum. Our heritage is built on the influences of the Indians, pioneers, cowboys, military, religion, geology, and railroad.  Artifacts that are examples of these influences are studied and displayed to provide insight into our collective heritage.
Objects will not be accepted or otherwise acquired for the Terrell County Memorial Museum collections unless the following conditions are met:
1.  The objects have intrinsic value to the history of Terrell Co.
2.  The objects are relevant to and consistant with the purposes and objectives of the museum.
3.  The museum can provide for the storage, protection, and preservation of the objects under conditions that assure their availability for museum purnoses.
4.  The objects will have permanency in the collections as long as they remain useful for the purpose of the museum.
5.  That a title to all objects acquired for the museum collection be obtained free and clear, without restrictions as to use or future disposition.
6.  Objects can be accepted with restriction or limitations only with the approval of the Board of Directors, and the understanding this does not guarantee donor that object will be displayed.  Such restriction must be clearly stated in the  instrument of conveyance and made part of the accession records and strictly observed by the museum.
7.   Legal and ultimate responsibility for furnishing appraisals of value to governmental tax agencies rests with the  donor.The Terrell County Memorial Museum nor the Terrell1 County Historical Commission can not provide appraisals.
8.   Donor will furnish a description, including the size and color, as well as a brief history of the item, with the condition of the object at the time of receipt by the museum.

The Terrell County Historical Commission is a body created by state law to oversee the preservation  and restoration of local historical sites, documents, photos and significant objects of our county's past.  In addition to these charges the Commission is dedicated to educating the public on those materials and on the county's past.
The membership of the Commission is determined by the County Commissioners, who ratify a list of prospective Commission members submitted by the Commission Chairman.  The Commission is selected anew every two years.  Persons interested in working with the Commission may also be associate members during the biennium and have all rights of a member except voting and office-holding priveleges.
The activities of the Commission and its officers are governed by guidelines set down by the Texas State Historical Commission.  Moneys accumulated by the Commission are held by the County Treasurer in a special fund.
The Terrell County Historical Commission is responsible for submitting and placing historical markers on local buildings and sites to commemorate their significance to Terrell County history.  It also provides valuable resources for the Museum and staff and stands always ready to advise and support Museum activities.
Terrell County is very fortunate to have such an active and caring Historical Commission.  We invite you to get involved and help preserve Terrell County's past.
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